Projectvideo – Vopak 2000 Royal Wagenborg

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Although special transports are part of Royal Wagenborg’s daily routine, every single project is special to us. Special in cargo, in destination, because of dimensions or special because of weights. And sometimes a project combines them all and is special in every single way. This is what happened when Wagenborg was awarded a huge project in the Botlek area by Vopak. A total of 52 isolated storage tanks and 23 modules (pipe-racks) had to be transported from Willebroek (Belgium) to Vlaardingen (Netherlands) and also had to be installed on the tank foundations at the Vopak Terminal. A true challenge for Wagenborg. 

AVE-Solutions produced a “behind the scenes” – movie for Royal Wagenborg and followed the project closely. The video materials are shared with Vopak for commercial purposes.


Bekijk hier de video


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